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Is your pet at it’s ideal weight?

So you think that the "extra kilo" that your cat took on looks good on him or will disappear with time ? Grave mistake in judgement! See for yourself…

1 kilo for you is not too bad, but 1 extra kilo for your pet is a much bigger problem.

Your 5-kilo cat has taken on an extra kilo? He’s gotten fatter by 20%. Imagine if you normally weigh 55 kilos, you’d weigh 66. Your dog, who normally weighs 16 kilos, has taken on an extra 2 ? Do the math…

From overweight to obese

At up to 15-20% over the ideal the weight, we talk of being overweight. Above that, it becomes obesity. By that, we mean : length of lifetime reduced by 2 years, higher risk of articulation problems, cardio-vascular problems, respiratory problems, diabetes and the appearance of certain cancers…

You didn’t know it before

Pet owners who spoil their pets are ignoring the consequences. The unconsciousness of owners is the first factor in obesity, which affects 40% of dogs and 27% of cats.

But NOW you know…

That extra kilo is sometimes invisible to the naked eye, but by touching your pet (ribs not easily found, larger back…) and by seeing certain signs; lower energy level, quickly out of breath, intolerant to exercise or to heat; this extra weight can be perceived.

The right reflex : consult your veterinarian

Only a veterinarian can reassure you and help you take the necessary measures to quickly correct any problem.

Because you are attentive to your pet’s condition, you can find the words to alert pet owners around you who think that their animal is in great shape (98% of them do).